More Products

More Products

Throughout all these years we have received a bunch of questions about where to find the corn dough we use to make our Arepas and Empanadas, or disposable chafing for catering for example.

For this reason would be great to dedicate a space on our website to connect you with these type of products.

So based on your frequent questions we will be updating this list from time to time. Please note that the links will take you to an external page where you will be able to safely purchase these items at any time, and we will receive a small commission for the purchases you may make online.

For Events

  • Have you ordered a Catering from us and you do not know where to put the food to keep it hot?We recommend you to get the Chafing Dish Buffet Kit you also will be able to re use it at any time, and this is very helpful. In fact this is the one we have recommended to other customers when they make parties on their backyards, the river, or outdoors weddings to keep the food warm.

To cook

  • Trying to find the dough we use to prepare our delicious Arepas? Order it here, and get it delivered to your home
  • We prepare our Empanadas with a different dough of the same Brand P.A.N and if you want to try to make empanadas at home get the right dough here